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PRAGUE | Gaming & Tech Summit 2024
@March 3rd, 2024 7:45am  


Excited to be attending the Prague Gaming and Tech Summit, a melting pot of innovation and creativity within the gaming and technology sectors.

I will speaking on the 27th March on the topic "The Rise of Esports in Europe and its Global Impact" - If you are there, make sure to come listen!



@Nov 13th, 2023 10:45am  


Dive into the forefront of sports gaming innovation with Chris Ebeling, Chief Creative Officer at Behaviol, in "Shaping the Future of Sports Gaming: Through the Lens of META11." Chris Ebeling takes us on a journey into the evolution and implementation of emerging technology is revolutionising the world of sports gaming. This talk is a must-watch for enthusiasts keen on understanding how AI and Web3 are changing the sports gaming landscape.



Welcome to PANEURAMA
@Jan 1st, 2024 7:45am  


PANEURAMA addresses mismatches between the output of educational
institutions and the needs of the animation, computer games, and VFX industries, particularly in the areas of technological development, work environment and soft skills, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.

By connecting relevant education and industry partners, PANEURAMA will
establish a baseline for market needs, identify areas where teaching and training are discordant, and use this knowledge to prepare students and graduates for the emerging needs of their prospective careers. In doing so, the project aims to build resilience into the European animation, gaming, and media arts sectors.



AMA: Building the Future of Sports Entertainment
ft Kumar Sangakkara
@July 11th, 2023 10:45am  


Joined by Behaviol Co Founder, Kumar Sangakkara, Chris Ebeling and Victoria Gimigliano hosted an AMA to discuss how META11 is shaping up to build the future of sports entertainment. Listen into the session to learn more about emerging technologies, AI avatars and how embracing technology opens the doors for fans across the world to enjoy real-world and digital fantasy gaming like never before. Explore the power of storytelling and learn how players in the Sports Omniverse can harness autonomy over their favourite teams and now, truly put themselves in the game!



Is This the Fortnite of Sport? Co-Creator of Zed Run Talks Future of Digital Athletes
@June 29th 2023 10:45am  


Chris Ebeling is the co-creator of the massively popular digital horse racing game Zed Run (3.5m races and $60M paid out), who is now working on a new project that could be shaping up to be the Fortnite of Sport.Plus we put Elon and Zuck in a cage match on WWE and someone hacked a Tesla to unlock 'Elon Mode'. Just another normal week in the metaverse.



@MAY 2023 10:45am  


Ebeling, Co-Founder of VHS and ZED.RUN, joins the creative studio behind META11, which aims to pioneer a new category of sports entertainment.



REALTIME in REALTIME - Viborg Animation Festival

@September 30th 2022 10:45am

Was fortunate to curate and moderate this expert panel, a strong line-up of experts, frontrunners and industry leaders from the creative digital industry. Including Epic games, LEGO and Digic Pictures. The panel will discussed production changes,  Virtual Production, Sustainability and cost efficiency using real time engines, creative empowerment and collaboration, XR and how this will all be even more important when building the Metaverse (web3.0)



Screenshot 2022-09-09 120158.png
Fireside Chat in Preparation for NFT LONDON

@September 8th 2022 7pm

A Fireside chat with Ian Utile about  Virtually Human Studios and what to look out for in at NFT LONDON. Updates on ZED.RUN and HUMANPARK.IO along with thoughts on the Metaverse and the amazing communities that are helping build it. 




Metaverse Gaming Offers Gamers Infinite Possibilities With Chris Ebeling

@August 21st 2022 10am

The immersiveness and agency that the Metaverse will offer its users is more akin to that of the real world. Web3 gaming is blending the digital world with the physical. An idea reserved only for Hollywood in the past. 

Developers and artists like myself have a much wider scope to be innovative, creative, engaging, and interact with their audiences. 

The building blocks for the Metaverse are already here, and Web3 technology is the logical next step for its development. All things must evolve and get better, or they’ll be left behind. A first-generation iPhone was once the height of cellular technology. Today it’s thought of as a device that led to bigger and better things, but not exactly an experience any of us would like to go back to... 



Luke Franks hosts Chris Ebeling on "Welcome to the Metaverse"

@August 20th 2022 10am

Chris Ebeling is the Co-creator of Zed Run - a digital horse racing game & ecosystem that uses blockchain and NFTs to give users ownership of their digital horses. Players can buy, breed, race, sell and soon lend their horses just like in the real world but digitally in the metaverse.


The OG project has seen incredible success with over 3 million races and over $40 million paid out in race prizes. On this episode of the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, I talk to Chris Ebeling - (Co-creator of Zed Run and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studios) about the journey so far and what else they are working on - including their latest project Human Park...



10 Blockchain start-ups to watch

@August 15th  2022 10am

As the metaverse continues to grow in importance and popularity, Virtually Human Studio (VHS) says it’s “pioneering the space, developing immersive entertainment experiences that leverage blockchain technology.” The company utilizes emerging technology to deliver cutting-edge, next-generation Web3 experiences that empower individuals and communities to interpret the metaverse in their own way...



Accolade Partners hosts Chris Ebeling, Zed Run

@April 22nd  2022 10am

On this special episode of Origins, Marcos Veremis, partner at Accolade Partners, hosts Chris Ebeling, the Creative Director, Futurist & Co-Founder @ Virtually Human, which created Zed Run, a provably fair digital horse racing game built on blockchain technology...



Fredrikstad Animation Festival

@Oct 22nd  2021 10am

Shared a Masterclass in blockchain technolgy and what it means for gaming, explaining highlevel what a NFT is and how Blockchain can be used in new ways to empower users with focus on our project ZED.RUN 


Viborg Animation Festival

@Sep 30th 2021 10am

Got to share my thoughts on blockchain gaming and Web 3.0, showcasing our Blockchain game ZED.RUN at Viborg Animation Festival, as well as discuss the important role that technology and new media can play in activating a new generation of artistic voices. 


My Thoughts on the Future of XR...

@Jan 1st 2020 6pm

To kick of the new year I was asked to share my thoughts on the Future Landscape of XR and Emerging Technologies on Immersive Directory.

It is no lie that I love to talk about where we are heading in this fast growing digital age. If you would like to step into my thinking, give the article a read below. 


Tech Load - Southern FM 88.3 - Australia

@Dec 9th 2020 6pm

I was interviewed by Sandra Spencer, host of Tech Load. We discussed all things technology and digital, looking ahead at what the future may look like and where we are today. Have a listen below. 


CRYPTO NEWS - Australia

@Feb 3rd 2020 10am

In Australia's Crypto news this morning and am super excited about the year ahead:
“I am thrilled to be joining a passionate and hungry team wanting to break down the traditional forms of entertainment through the use of new technologies that have the ability to create an emotional reaction,” says Chris...



@Jan 20th 2020 11am

Excited to announce the first project we are delivering here at Virtually Human.
ZED is a first of its kind horse racing experience built on the blockchain. Buy, Sell, Breed, Race digital thoroughbreds and increase your stables value and carve out your legacy in this digital ecosystem. For more about what we have planned for ZED, click below and check out ZED.RUN




Virtually Human Studios - The Next Chapter

@December 11th 2019 11am

After 3 years helping build the UTS Animal Logic Academy, its time to jump back into the industry, where I will be co-founding a new Digital Studio: Virtually Human Studios
I cant wait to show you all the awesome projects we will be developing.
Stay tuned for more... 





@November 25th 2019 11am

It was a pleasure chatting with Ryan Kingslien, Zbrush guru and owner of the Games Art Institute. We talked about my pathway into this industry, my career progression and tips, tricks and anything in between for young aspiring artists to carve their path in this exciting ever-evolving industry. Check it out in the link below or on itunes.




SIGGRAPH ASIA - Brisbane, Australia

@October 28th 2019 10pm

I will be presenting on a numerous occasions at Siggraph Asia this year. Talks and panels will vary from  everything from Autodesk's Vision series where  I will discuss our academy pipeline using SHOTGUN as well as  BRIDGING THE GAP discussion panel on how we prepare artists for the industry and the future.  If you are coming to Siggraph Asia in Brisbane, Australia, be sure to say "Hi!"




AEAF 2019 - Gold & Silver Awards

@August 16th 2019 9pm

The Academy took out two more awards at the yearly Animation and VFX festival AEAF. Its great to see the work of our students continue to compete with industry.




Siggraph 2019 - Los Angeles

@ Aug 1st 2019 10am

We presented our Academy project "Xploro" at Appy hour. If you would like to try "Xploro" download it now for free on the ios app store:




The Rookies - WINNING - Best VR Best AR Experience

@ July 31st 2019 10am

Out of 3,458 inspiring entries spanning 89 countries, UTS Animal Logic Academy students (UTS ALA) have picked up multiple accolades at the 2019 Rookie Awards. The second time this has happened in as many years...




Sydney Impact Festival

@ June 14th 2019 10am

I will be giving a masterclass and presentation on our approach when developing for emerging technologies, with focus on Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality projects.





@ April 17th 2019 10am

A nice little mention on about my involvement with the short sci-fi film The Shipment. As well as being part of the script and story team i was fortunate to Animation Direct this film as well. For more, and the trailer click below.




REMIX 2019 - Sydney

@ April 5th 2019 10am

We are presenting at the REMIX conference in Sydney,  on April 12th at UTS. Come hear the team speak about our innovative projects in the emerging tech space and how the UTS Animal Logic Academy and its unique approach to pratically led education came to be.




UNITY Global Educational Advisory Board

@ march 18th 2019 10am

Excited to be a part of Unity's Global Education Advisory board where our aim is to provide guidance and feedback on strategic decisions to fulfil Unity Education’s vision to enable everyone to become a creator.

The Shipment selected to Tribeca Film Festival

@ march 10th 2019 11am

The Shipment has been selected to the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival joining 63 short films out thousands submissions applying for the festival. This is quite the honor and a testament to the hard working crew, artists and actors behind the movie.


@ Feb 14th 2019 11am

Myself and the UTS Animal logic Academy team will be speaking at the AEAF festival this year. We will be focussing on Transferrable skills from traditional animation and VFX pipelines to Emerging Technologies; Realtime, Virtual reality, Augmented reality and more.

Meet the Artist - CHRIS EBELING - CG FUTURES 8th March 2019

@ Feb 12th 2019 11am

I will be delivering a talk about my career, advice, tips and tricks at CG Futures event in Melbourne on the 8th, 9th of March. I will also be part of the career talks educational panel, where we aim to help guide young artists and creators to find their way in this ever evolving industry. 


@ nov 27th 2018 11am

The Shipment took home best VFX from the Berlin Sci-Fi festival, beating out some great competition. Its always nice to see a labour of love, something we and many artists on a international scale (Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, USA ) poured our heart and souls into creating, being recognised on a international stage. Great work to all involved. Cant wait to show you all this short film. In the meantime check out the trailer here

The Shipment: Australian premiere

@ oct 19th 2018 9am

The short sci fi thriller, "The Shipment" that I was involved with as part of the story team and Animated Directed has its Australian premiere this weekend at the inagural SciFi Film Festival. If you like space creatures, space ships and suspense check it out. More info below.

VFX Down Under: The NOW and the NEW in OZ/NZ

@ Sep 29th 2018 10am

A nice write up about our Academy, outlining our new approach to education in the digital space, how we aim to be different and how we give our graduates an advantage in their young careers.

UTS ANIMAL LOGIC ACADEMY - wins Pipeline Award! 

@ Aug 16th 2018 10am

Our 2018 Coding Students and Technical Staff just won the coveted "Shotty" Shotgun Pipeline award at this years Siggraph conference in Vancouver.  This year we re-designed our academy Pipeline to include Pixar's USD combning it with pur Shotgun workflow.

TerraChi - wins "VR game of the Year" Award! 

@ May 31st, 2018 9am

Our 2017 Students major project, TerraChi wins game of the year, beating out notable universities on a global scale. 

TerraChi is an interactive VR experience that transports the user to a stylised world where Tai chi inspired moves and biometrics allow the user to change the world around them.

TerraChi - selected for Sydney Film Festival

@ June 1st, 2018 10am

Our 2017 Students major project, TerraChi was selected to be a part of the Virtual Reality Hub at the Sydney Film Festival.

TerraChi is an interactive VR experience that transports the user to a stylised world where Tai chi inspired moves and biometrics allow the user to change the world around them.

Convergence - Key Note

@ April, 2018  2pm

Was asked to give a presentation about some of the work we do at the Academy, particularly focused on Mixed Reality and how we approach our projects in this state of the art learning space.

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass
The ROOKIES - A New Way of Teaching Visual Effects

@ Nov 3rd, 2017 10am

The Rookies interviewed me about our new approach to teaching Visual Effects at the UTS ANIMAL LOGIC ACADEMY. Click below and read more about the everyday life at the Academy. Also, check out the fantastic work The Rookies do for the VFX industry, here:

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass

@ Sep 5th, 2017 11am

Humbled to be featured on this fantastic list of talented creatives.

Masters of Motion is a non-for-profit website, social media channel, and podcast that provides the world with a insight into the Australian and New Zealand animation industry. Comprising of an online gallery featuring outstanding motion design, animation and visual effects work. Our mission is to celebrate Australia's motion artists and to inspire the next generation of motion designers, animators, visual effects and 3-D artists.

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass

@ July 21st, 2017 10am

I have been fortunate to help build a new groundbreaking academy, a relationship between Animal Logic and University of Technology Sydney (UTS). 

I was recently interviewed about this exciting new endeavour, click below to hear more about it. 

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass
Immersive Story telling: The Evolution of Storytelling in the 21st Century

@ July 11th, 2017 6pm-8pm

Join us as we discuss immersive storytelling, the evolution of the medium, and the progression of the ways we tell these stories. Some of the finest immersive storytellers in Australia will share with us insights into their worlds and how they are able to deliver these experiences to audiences worldwide...

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass
UTS Animal Logic Academy announces key appointments for Inaugural Master Degree

@ November 8th, 2016 1:55pm

Starting a new adventure, helping create something truly special in the Academic world.
Ebeling comes to the course with valuable experience and knowledge following his recent work with Animal Logic on The LEGO Batman Movie, The LEGO Movie and Guardians of Ga’Hoole.  

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass
TAFE AMBASSADOR - Chris Ebeling CreatIT Excellence Award.

@ August 10th, 2016 8:59 am



Proud and humbled that a young aspiring artist can receive an award in my name. Good luck to Mitch Coombs, and I look forward to following your journey in the industry.


The famous face of Bogan Gate, Mitchell Coombs, has done it again.

The Red Bend Catholic College graduate has received another prestigious award - this time the CreatIT Chris Ebeling Industry Award, presented to him at the Sydney Tafe 2016 Student Excellence Awards...

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass
Q & A with the CPH POST

@ February 25th, 2016 7:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton



Despite its obvious homegrown connection, very few Danes who went to see the critically-acclaimed ‘The Lego Movie’ would have been aware that one of their countrymen played a key role in the animation of the film.

Chris Ebeling, a world-class animator and digital artist, worked for Australian studio Animal Logic, which was tasked with providing the animation for the film – 80 percent of the running time....

Chris Ebeling - Siggraph Animation MasterClass
SYDNEY ACM SIGGRAPH Animation Masterclass 2015

@ Enmore Design Center, 7th November 2015



Join some of the world’s leading animators for an intensive day focussing on The Illusion of Life – 12 Principles of Animation. This is an all-day Masterclass being held at the Design Centre, Enmore. A light lunch will be included on the day. Speakers include: David Williams, Alex Weight, Magali Riguadias, Andrew Silke, Chris Ebeling.






"Wartile" - In game screen shot of early alpha version
WARTILE is the featured game of the week on OnlySP!

October 27, 2015


The game that I am currently helping produce, leading the animation team,  was featured game of the week on OnlySP! Check it out!






Siggraph - Meet the Artist: Chris Ebeling Animator and Digital Artist

@ Metro Screen Sydney, 6th MAY 2015


Chris Ebeling is a world-class animator and digital artist with credits on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lego Movie, The Great Gatsby, Happy 2, Knowing and the Legend of the Guardians. He will talk about the journey from student to proffesional and will speak about devekopingt your own IP and his project, Sumoboy.






Made by TAFE - Academic Ambassador.

@ TAFE NSW 2015 


Meet 3D animation Lecturer and proffesional VFX artist Chris Ebeling a former Student of the NSW TAFE program. Due to his highly succesful career in the industry, Chris was asked to represent TAFE as Academic Ambassador. 







SumoBoy, an Australian video game with an anti-bullying message, is relying on crowd funding to get started



A GROUNDBREAKING new video game with an anti-bullying message has been created to encourage players to find the courage to stand up for themselves and others.

SumoBoy has been produced by Australian video game creators TAPRR, and the company hopes to get the game up and running through crowd-funding.

Haberfield animator Chris Ebeling, who has previously worked on high-profile films including The Lego Movie and Happy Feet, is co-directing and supervising SumoBoy.

THE LEGO MOVIE is a career highlight for Animator Chris Ebeling.



For Haberfield animator Chris Ebeling, career highlights don’t get much better than working on The Lego Movie.

The former student and current part-time teacher at Sydney TAFE’s Design Centre Enmore described his time as an animator on the film as “phenomenal” and one of the best working experiences of his life.

Mr Ebeling worked for the renowned animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic, which was tasked with producing the animation for the movie.

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